Get Ready for Solar Eclipse 2017!

This Month people across the United States have the amazing opportunity to experience a solar eclipse! August 21st, 2017 will be a day we will all remember! My family is excited to live in a place where we will get to view the solar eclipse in totality. As a homeschool mom I have been reading all about the event, and planning some fun activities for my boys! I can’t wait!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity with your family! Here are a few tips for you as you prepare to take advantage of this special event

Solar Eclipse day (August 21st, 2017) is almost here. Are you ready? Click for a few ideas to enjoy the solar eclipse with your family!

1. Be Safe!

If you haven’t already order your solar eclipse glasses today, so that you’ll have them in plenty of time! To make sure that the Solar eclipse Glasses you are buying are meet the ISO safety standards, check out this list of reputable vendors of solar eclipse glasses. Make sure you order soon! You don’t want to forget and not be able to fully enjoy the solar eclipse!

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2. Do your research!

Make sure you know what time of day you will have the best view of the solar eclipse in your area. Also plan where you will watch the eclipse from. We are so excited that we will be able to see the total eclipse from our front porch! Check out Nasa’s information about the solar eclipse to learn what you will see in your area!

3. Take advantage of the learning opportunity!

Whether you homeschool or not, this is a great chance for your kids to learn some astronomy. There are tons of great resources available with fun activities, books, and lessons for you to do with your kids, before the solar eclipse! Nasa has provided a ton of educational activities that your family will enjoy! Check out their free downloadable Eclipse Kit from NASA for a collection of free activities you can enjoy with your family!

For more fun activities and information, check out my pinterest board “Solar Eclipse Fun”. I will continue pinning some of my favorite ideas and resources for teaching my kids about the Solar Eclipse this August!

Also, I plan to find as many books as I can for my kids to read and learn about the solar eclipse. We are headed to our library soon to see what we can find! I know the demand for these books are high, so we also may need to find some online! Here are some of the books I’m going to be looking for!

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So what is your plan for the Solar Eclipse this year? Are you preparing for a road trip to experience it with your family? Will you be able to enjoy it from your home? Whatever your plans are, it is going to an experience of a lifetime for all of us! I would love to hear about some of your plans and ideas for activities with your family! Comment below about some of the activities you are planning! I would love to hear about them!
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Solar Eclipse day (August 21st, 2017) is almost here. Are you ready? Click for a few ideas to enjoy the solar eclipse with your family!

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