Do you want to save money for your family? Click here to find out how Amazon saves us money!

Save Money with Amazon Prime and Prime Day!

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Are you looking for ways to save money for your family? Most people answer yes to that question! No one wants to spend more money than they have to! One of my favorite services we pay for that saves us money all year long is Amazon Prime!

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What we love about Amazon Prime:Do you want to save money for your family? Click here to find out how Amazon saves us money!

We use the benefits of prime all year long! below are the services we use regularly that save us money!

  1. Free 2-day shipping great for when you need something quick, and you don’t have to pay anything for shipping!(and if you don’t need it your order quick you can often opt to get prime pantry credits or prime digital credits which saves even more money)


2. Prime Video– We started saving tons of money by cancelling our Satellite TV service and paying only for streaming services. We only pay $24 a month for TV and have more than we could ever dream to watch.

3.Prime Pantry– By watching coupons and promotions we often find grocery and household products at a much lower price than you can in stores!

4. Prime Subscribe and Save– We saved a lot of money on diapers, grocery and household products we use regularly by using subscribe and save. Just make sure to check your subscriptions regularly and cancel if the the price isn’t right or you don’t need the item.

  1. 5. Daily Deals and Promotions: Watch the deals regularly. We often by christmas and birthday presents early when we see it offered at the right price! This can save tons of money in the long run!

Prime Day!

Today is the day to be shopping on amazon! There are tons of promotions out there there that you can save money on!! I’m planning on finding some good deals on things for our kids upcoming birthdays. (all 3 of our kids birthdays are in the fall!)

If you’re not a Amazon Prime subscriber I highly recommend it!! Don’t miss out on Prime Day this year. Go ahead and sign up now and take full advantage of all amazon has to offer!

Some of the best deals I’ve seen on prime day are below! Make sure to check them out!!


Also, Amazon will be revealing new deals all day! Click over to their Prime Day Deals Page and check out what deals are happening now!

Here are some of the Products I’m seeing offered at great prices!

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